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Fri, Oct 6, 2023 06:00PM EDT
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WULAN, Abstract, Oil on canvas ? ? ?????

Estimate: $5,000 - $10,000

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WULANContemporary artistFrench International Association of Artists and DesignersMember of the Arts CouncilIn 2022, he won the Firenze Prize, Florence, ItalyArtist ProfileWulan, a native of Inner Mongolia, graduated from the PLA Academy of Arts in 1989.Curator, contemporary painter, music artist. China's first generation of cultural industryplanner, China's contemporary planner pioneer, the national two sessions news planningand reporting figures. He is currently the deputy director of the ceramic Painting andCalligraphy Art Professional Committee. Member of the Art Committee of the FrenchInternational Association of Artists and Designers.Oil painter Wulan has carried out extremely in-depth research and wonderful practice on "gray"oil painting. His unique use of gray color and aesthetic value has become a different landscape ofcontemporary art, which has won the honorable status of "gray" oil painting in the oil painting circles athome and abroad, showing a unique charm. Wulan's aesthetic understanding and creation orientationof the "gray tone" of oil painting, the study and learning of traditional Chinese painting, as well as theunderstanding and grasp of the essence of oil painting are three-dimensional, and finally make the"gray tone" oil painting become the leader in its field with the exquisite way of color mixing. His workshave achieved extraordinary achievements in exhibitions and collections at home and abroad.Mr. Wulan likens his process of color control to that of a diligent farmer who sowsseeds, reaping the same joy in the golden autumn as he reaping each time he breaksthrough a color. Day after day, year after year, the painting hand did not stop. Look fornew breakthroughs in familiar colors, in things that are repeatedly depicted. The mysteryand magic of color are gradually becoming clear in the pursuit.Mr. Wulan engaged in music in his early years, for him, the color expression is notaccurate, just like the singer in the concert when out of tune, he does not know on thestage, the audience has been on pins and needles. If the painting tone is not correct or theexpression is not clear, it will directly affect the internal content of the work to beconveyed. In his works, with the rhythm of music to interpret, feel that there is always amelodious melody.? ????????????????????????????2022 ????????????????????,?????,1989 ???????????????????????????????????????,?????????,??????????????????????????????????????????? ????????????????“??”???????????????????,????????????????????????????,?“??”????????????????,???????????????“??”??????????,?????????????,???????????????????,????????????“??”?????????,????????????????????????????????????????????????,????????????,???????????????????????,????,???????????????,????????,??????????????,???????????????????????,????,???????,???????????????,?????????,??????????????????????????,???????????????????????,?????????,????????????????



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